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Through the Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) movement, accurate and reliable utility locating has recently become a critical component of the design and planning stage of large construction projects. Design locates are performed to inventory existing utility infrastructures such as electric, communications, natural gas, sewer, water, storm drainage systems, and more. Our markings are picked up by a survey crew which are then passed on to the designers and engineers. In the past, Dig Safe has been inappropriately used for utility marking during the design phase of a project when no actual digging or excavations were to be performed. This unfair practice puts an unnecessary burden on Dig Safe, public utility companies, and their contract locators. Subterra is the new source for design locates. We work closely with engineers, planners, and surveyors to complete our design locates within the confines of project budgets and schedules. Our services will get you started off the right way and provide you with the confidence and assurance you need to move forward with your project. Our goal is to prevent unnecessary project delays, change orders, redesigns, and costly damages and repairs.

Design Locate
Subterra locates existing underground utilities to help you plan your project to avoid damages and delays.


Subterra utilizes engineering plans, "As-Builts", and other documents to identify and mark out existing utilities.
Subterra works closely with engineers, planners, and survey crews on our design locate services.


Subsurface Utility Engineering

Subsurface Utility Engineering or SUE, is a set of engineering practices that have evolved out of the necessity to accurately identify, document, and manage the precise location of underground utilities. Developed by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the goals of SUE standards are to promote safety and to avoid costly delays and interruptions during all phases of transportation projects. SUE policies include the use of a private utility locator to provide accurate utility markings in the early design and planning stages of a project. This information is mapped and documented, allowing projects to be managed and completed more safely and more cost-effective.  Damage to missing or misidentified underground utilities, project redesign and relocation, and worker safety risks are all alleviated with a strict adherence to SUE standards. Industry leaders demand quality control and quality assurance on all aspects of a project. Subterra’s dedication to SUE principles is recognized and appreciated by the clients we serve.

Subterra applies the principles of SUE on each project we are involved with and we work closely with designers, planners, developers, surveyors, engineers,  contractors, municipalities, and other entities to assure unnecessary change orders and unforeseen project delays are avoided at all stages of a project.

Let Subterra provide you with the assurance you demand to work safely and confidently on your next project.

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Who Is Using Our Design Locate Services?


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