Locating Services Rate
*Standard Utility Locating – Utilizes electromagnetic equipment to locate conductive lines. This includes electric, gas/propane/oil, telephone, cable, etc. Can be effective for locating water and well lines. We can also take these conventional methods a step further to locate empty conduits such as sewer/septic, drainage, storm water, etc. $150/hour
*Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) – Used to find non-conductive utilities such as water, sewer/septic, drainage, underground storage tanks, and some abandoned utilities. $150/hour
 Mobilization/Demobilization  $65/hour + $0.535/mile
*Please note we require a one-hour minimum for locating and GPR services.
Additional Services (*Please call or email for quote*)
Custom Reporting – There are several reporting options available ranging from simple site summaries to full reports with images and maps.
Utility Mapping – Survey and CAD services are available upon request.