Private Utility Locator On-Site
Locate technician identifying several buried lines in a highly congested area.

Private utility locating services are used to identify and protect the lines on a site that are not owned by a utility company. Typically the transfer of ownership from between public and private is at the meter, which can be located on a pole or on a building. At a private residence or private commercial property these private lines can include secondary power from the meter, water well lines, septic lines, pet fences, communications to out buildings, propane lines and much more. In some states, all lines on private property are considered to be the responsibility of the homeowner. When in doubt, check your state’s Dig Safe laws at their website. Dig Safe New England or Dig Safely New York. In general, in Vermont, the utility company’s responsibility usually stops at the electric meter, although there are some exceptions.

Even at a rural residence there is often quite a bit more going on beneath the ground than you would think, including irrigation, propane to pool heaters or gas grills, solar arrays, and landscape lighting to name a few. Large commercial sites such as golf courses, ski resorts, college campuses, hospitals, and other multi-building sites can have even more privately owned utilities. At these sites it’s not uncommon for the primary power and communications to be privately owned as well as the water mains and sewer system. Often there is very little that falls within Dig Safe’s purview.

Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, Subterra is your source for locating privately owned utilities. We work very closely with Dig Safe to ensure that all buried lines and those individuals working around them are protected. Click here to learn more about Dig Safe vs. Private Utility Locating.

By designing a project around existing utilities you can prevent expensive redesign adjustments and change orders. Knowing the full extent of buried utilities during the early stages can help a project go smoothly and quickly. Damages to utilities are both dangerous and costly, they can sometimes bring your project to a crashing halt while crews work to determine what has been affected and repairs are made.

 Click here to learn how electromagnetic locating works.
Who Is Using Our Utility Locating Services?

– Residential Homeowners (Click here for a Homeowner Info Sheet)

– Commercial Businesses

– Industrial Facilities

– Government Agencies

– Municipalities

– General Contractors, Excavators, Builders, Electricians, Plumbers

-Designers, Planners, Engineers, Environmental Consultants

– And many more; no job is too big or too small for us.