Subterra offers other locating services including:

Camera Inspection – Are you experiencing poor drainage or a blockage in your sewer/septic system? Do you need to locate your septic tank? Our equipment can navigate pipes in diameters ranging from 1.5″ and up and offers the ability to locate the camera head along the way. Video recording options are also available.

Ultrasonic Testing – Ultrasonic testing is an innovative, non-destructive method of testing metal materials for thickness and relative condition. Using high-frequency sound waves, we are able to measure the thickness and condition of metal materials and buildings, structures, pipes, conduits, storage tanks, manufacturing equipment, and much more. This technology allows us to discreetly collect information without damage or disruption.

Water Leak Detection – Do you have a loss of water pressure or have you lost water completely? Have you noticed a recent increase in water usage? Winter frost, rocks, and tree roots can cause water supply lines to break resulting in a water leak. Subterra can help identify the origin of your water leak to save you time and money in repairs and preserve our precious water resources.

Electrical Ground Fault Finding – Do you have dim or flickering lights or other disruptions to outdoor electrical services? Subterra uses specialized equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the damaged electrical line in the ground. This may require coordination with your electrician.

Technical Reporting – Mapping, survey, AUTO CAD drafting, and custom reporting options are available to accompany our utility locating and GPR services. Please contact us for a quote with your budget and specific project needs.


Have a problem not listed? Contact us to discuss the details of your issue and we will go over options for how we may be able to help.